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Roundtable: A Framework for Innovation (Toronto)

On April 6, 2017 in Toronto, The IT Media Group will host a CIO Master Series roundtable, “A Framework for Innovation”. 

Researchers agree that the key benefit of Digital Transformation is the ability to innovate. Conversely, one of the key roadblocks to executing a Digital Transformation strategy is the inability to innovate. CIOs must be able to solve this dilemma. They are in a position to lead enterprise innovation, but to do so CIOs must look beyond their traditional roles and be the innovators who can transform breakthroughs in technology into real business solutions.

Great ideas can come from anywhere – employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, and executive insights, but great ideas are not, themselves, innovation. Companies that have a track record of innovation have developed a culture, tools and processes to generate and capture ideas; assess and test concepts; and, rapidly implement and measure resulting initiatives.

In this private roundtable for IT exectives, we'll delve into tactics and frameworks being used by organizations to create and sustain innovation.

Discussion topics will include:

  • The vital elements of a successful innovation framework and culture
  • Processes and tools that help capture new ideas and manage them
  • Key metrics and incentives that are critical for meaningful innovation
  • How to tactically leverage business partners and suppliers
  • Real world examples of innovation in action

Interested IT executives can use this link to access our brief VIP registration form.

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