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Latest Events

Roundtable: A Framework for Innovation (Calgary)

On June 7, 2017 in Calgary, The IT Media Group will bring the popular CIO Master Series roundtable, “A Framework for Innovation” to western Canada. 

Great ideas can come from anywhere, but ideas are not, themselves, innovation. Companies that have a track record of innovation have developed a culture, tools and processes to generate and capture ideas; assess and test concepts; and, rapidly implement and measure resulting initiatives.


Roundtable: Business-casing in the C-suite (Toronto)

On May 18, 2017 in Toronto, The IT Media Group will host a CIO Master Series roundtable, “Business-casing in the C-suite”. 

CIOs must lead with a clear and compelling vision that supports their organizations’ objectives. IT executives are required to ensure that their strategic investments result in tangible benefits and are supported by their peers and stakeholders.


Roundtable: A Framework for Innovation (Toronto)

CIOs routinely put innovation high on their list of priorities for both the company and the IT organization, but there is little consensus around a definition of innovation. It means different things to different people – CIOs especially, considering the highly diverse nature or their businesses and organizational structures.

In an effort to bring clarity to this sometimes murky area, The IT Media Group brought together 20 IT executives from the Greater Toronto Area for its Master Series CIO Roundtable “A Framework for Innovation”, which took place in Toronto on April 6, 2017. Sponsor for the session was Salesforce, with Chris Makkreel, Head of Solution Engineering, adding a variety of insights to the discussion. The moderator was John Pickett, VP, Executive Programs, for the IT Media Group.


Roundtable: CIO Essentials for Digital Transformation

On December 9, 2016, 17 IT executives from the Toronto area gathered for another of The IT Media’s Group’s highly regarded Master Series Roundtables, this one entitled “CIO Essentials to Digital Transformation”. This very interactive discussion was moderated by Jeff Ishii, ITMG’s Chief Technologist, and sponsored by Salesforce, represented at the table by Chris Makkreel, Head of Solution Engineering.

Digital Transformation supports the technology innovation agenda of a company’s business strategy. CIOs need to understand the benefits that can be realized for their industry and communicate those benefits effectively to their business partners.


Roundtable: Winning the IT Talent Wars (Calgary)

Despite the economic downturn in the oil patch, managing talent remains very important. Furthermore, as businesses rationalize their cost structures around $50 oil, reducing budgets and innovating are also top concerns. In order to balance these priorities, IT organizations must implement ways to add business value, while managing changing skill sets, vendor relationships, and new application requirements. It is a difficult task for any business.

The IT Media Group’s CIO Master Series Roundtable, ‘Winning the IT Talent Wars’, held October 27, 2016 in Calgary, brought together IT executives from a variety of Calgary-area organizations to explore these issues and many others related to talent management.

The private session was organized by leading Canadian IT events producer The IT Media Group and moderated by its VP Executive Programs, John Pickett. Sponsor for the roundtable was Salesforce, represented at the table by Chris Makkreel, Head of Solution Engineering.