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Latest Events

Roundtable: The Hard Truths About Digital Transformation

On March 25, 2020 in Toronto, The IT Media Group will host a CIO Master Series roundtable, “The Hard Truths About Digital Transformation”.


Workshop: Small 'i' Innovation Use Cases

CIOs need to be continually thinking about improvement; how to deliver better products and services, creating offerings targeted to customer needs, and filling those needs quickly and more conveniently. Further complicating matters, big transformations are difficult to achieve due to the time and effort that need to be invested.


Workshop: Addressing Technical Debt

With as much as 70-80% of IT budgets allocated to supporting existing systems, it is no surprise that CIOs are challenged when it comes to building applications to support future growth on their existing infrastructures. Inescapably, legacy software is a source of technical debt that can severely hinder an organization’s ability to deploy the type of functionality that both the customer base and employees need and demand.


Seminar: Digital's Role in Reshaping Canadian Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas companies in Canada, who are grappling with the downward pricing pressure of their products, must look for new ways to improve margins and better utilize their assets. It does seem that the price of oil will not recover any time soon, so it is imperative that Canadian organizations become more efficient and productive in order to thrive.


Roundtable: CIO Essentials for Innovation and Creativity

When the first CIOs set sail on their executive journeys in the mid-1990s, most of them quickly discovered that innovation and creativity were not wanted on the voyage. That’s understandable, considering that the job of CIO was new and technology was only beginning to show its potential for obtaining competitive advantage.