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Latest Events

Virtual Roundtable: Data-driven Recovery for the New Normal

For many companies, the pandemic has accelerated the pivot to digital business models to take advantage of new market receptivity. Organizations must expect this trend to continue during the economic recovery phase and beyond..”


Virtual Roundtable: Reimagining Resilience and Capacity

The extraordinary events of 2020 have ushered in a new era of transformation. Companies are rapidly pivoting their businesses, while also planning for a future that will be drastically different. The pandemic has compelled organizations to fundamentally reimagine what it means to be resilient and to re-strategize their capabilities.


Roundtable: The Hard Truths About Digital Transformation

The IT Media Group will host a CIO Master Series roundtable, “The Hard Truths About Digital Transformation” in Toronto.


Workshop: Small 'i' Innovation Use Cases

In today’s dynamic environment, CIOs need to be continually thinking about improvement related to a range of issues. How to deliver better products and services? How to create offerings targeted to customer needs? And how to fill those needs quickly and more conveniently?


Workshop: Addressing Technical Debt

With as much as 70-80% of IT budgets allocated to supporting existing systems, it is no surprise that CIOs are challenged when it comes to building applications to support future growth on their existing infrastructures. Inescapably, legacy software is a source of technical debt that can severely hinder an organization’s ability to deploy the type of functionality that both the customer base and employees need and demand.