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Virtual Summit: Thriving in an AI Era

On March 1, 2024, The IT Media Group held its annual Leadership in Tech virtual summit entitled “Thriving in an AI Era.”

The session equipped leaders with tactics and strategies for integrating artificial intelligence into business processes and helped them understand AI’s intricacies.

Nasheen Liu, Partner and SVP of CIO program Strategy, hosted this 90-minute insight-packed event. Joining her on the speaking roster were 20 cross-industry technology leaders representing diverse industries, genders, experiences and backgrounds spanning three generations.

The summit explored six compelling topics in a rapid-fire format, including:

  • Adapting and leading in an era of unprecedented technological change
  • Cultivating the skills, talent, and culture to thrive
  • Implementing responsible AI by design
  • Kickstarting readiness for an AI-driven transformation
  • Understanding how AI-driven innovation reshapes industries
  • Bringing AI to the boardroom to make the case for strategic investment

Hundreds of attendees worldwide tuned in to uncover illuminating ideas through lightning panels, fireside chats, polling, and Q&A. Each attendee received a comprehensive report of the critical insights discovered during the summit, including more than 80 tactics and use cases leaders use to address their challenges. Interested parties can delve further into these topics in upcoming virtual workshops by subscribing to our VIP list and following us on LinkedIn to be notified of CIO-centric content and events.

Click the graphic below to watch the summit:

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