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Virtual Roundtable: Data-driven Recovery for the New Normal

For many companies, the pandemic has accelerated the pivot to digital business models to take advantage of new market receptivity. Organizations must expect this trend to continue during the economic recovery phase and beyond..”

Studies have shown that businesses that rely on data-driven decisions are much more likely to significantly surpass their revenue goals when compared to their non-data counterparts. The ability to harvest data allow these businesses to differentiate and emerge as market leaders.

Existing companies already own 80% of the world's commercialized data. Proprietary data is something competitors cannot match. If an organization excels in managing data and applying insights thoughtfully, they gain the ability to outpace their competition.

With these principles in mind, The IT Media Group brought together 12 cross-industry IT executives for a virtual roundtable entitled 'Data-driven Recovery for the New Normal.' The session provided an opportunity to discuss enterprise strategies being used to improve agility while continuing to protect the organization.

Moderating the roundtable was Jeff Ishii, Chief Technologist at The IT Media Group. Also participating were two executives from the session sponsor Splunk, a world leader in harnessing the power of data: Chief Technical Advisor, James Hodge, and Canadian Country Leader, Dino Marasco.

The interactive session included a combination of live-polling and panel questions covering the following topics:

  • Protecting the enterprise
  • Increasing IT operations effectiveness
  • Improving application development efficiency
  • Enterprise data strategies to enable business decision capabilities

Following the session, James observed, "It was a unique opportunity to meet some incredible CxOs and talk about how they are managing very complex businesses and tackling their transformations through digital channels. To thrive today, every organization needs a complete view of its data and the ability to take action in real-time."

Dino added, "It was exciting to see how organizations are adapting to COVID by driving insights to change business models and meet customer demands. It was valuable for me to confirm that data is paramount to support increased speed and agility across multiple industries."

All participants will receive a strategic insights report highlighting key issues and best practices discussed during the roundtable.

Post session interviews

Dino Marasco, Country Leader, Canada, Splunk

James Hodge, Chief Technical Advisor, Splunk

Session highlights videos

Improving application development efficiency

Data strategies to enable business capabilities

Protecting the enterprise

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