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Workshop: Small 'i' Innovation Use Cases

In today’s dynamic environment, CIOs need to be continually thinking about improvement related to a range of issues. How to deliver better products and services? How to create offerings targeted to customer needs? And how to fill those needs quickly and more conveniently?

Without this approach, there is a real danger to the long-term health of an organization. There are many examples of companies backsliding to pure administration without entrepreneurship and then eventually dying. These companies saw the signs of their eventual demise, but weren’t able to effectively change their ways.

Why did this happen? The reason is that innovation is difficult for most organizations. It requires that the workforce evolve from a model that is focussed on performing repeatable tasks, to one that embraces continuous change. With the 4th industrial revolution in full swing, innovation is more important today than in the past. Not only must companies continuously improve their internal processes, they must take an outside-in approach to change the way they serve their current and future customers.

So how does IT become a business partner instead of an order taker? How does an organization manage change and ensure that everyone is on the same journey?

To answer those questions, 11 IT executives convened at the OMERS Immersive Innovation Lab to explore small “i” innovation use cases. This peer-to-peer workshop focused on practical examples of how organizations establish a culture that makes small changes to find new opportunities to become more successful.

The topics on the agenda included:

  • Capturing the customer and business partner viewpoint
  • Effective team and organizational structure
  • Innovation tools and models
  • Training required for leaders and employees
  • Sustaining the program through KPI’s and recognition

Dozens of insights and tactics were discussed, covering how companies are addressing the innovation challenge. Participants were also provided with a tour of the OMERS Agile workspace, where innovation is being applied to the property management industry.

Workshops produced by The IT Media Group provide the ideal format for discussion among IT executive peers, allowing them to drill down into specific issues in depth. These sessions are designed specifically for small groups of IT leaders, enabling them to take away practicable new approaches, validate their own thoughts, brainstorm ideas, and share their successes and their pain.

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