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Roundtable: Designing for Change (Toronto)

Rather than seeing their IT departments as mere service providers, more and more organizations are looking to IT to help transform the business and provide new opportunities. In order to provide such capability, CIOs are turning to hyperscale cloud providers for enterprise solutions that are scalable, adaptable and ready to enable disruptive change.

On June 15, The IT Media Group hosted another of its highly regarded Master Series Roundtables, this one entitled “Digital Transformation: Designing for Change”, during which 16 Toronto area IT executives identified key strategies for adopting an optimized style of computing. This roundtable discussion was moderated by ITMG’s VP, Executive Programs, John Pickett. Sponsor for the event was Sourced Group, a global provider of consulting services for large-scale cloud transformation programs. Sourced was represented at the table by founder and CEO, Jonathan Spinks.

Topics discussed included:

  • Balancing executive leadership vs IT delivery leadership
  • How is technology impacting your customers and your business?
  • What are the biggest risks to your business?
  • Strategies to build a productive digital team
  • What are the implications of rapid business changes on the technology infrastructure?
  • How are you ensuring regulatory compliance and data security in the light of recent headlines?
  • Enabling application development at the speed of business

“I think it was a valuable session. It helped me understand where the Canadian marketplace is in terms of cloud maturity and adopting new technologies. It gives me a watermark as to where we’re at,” said Mr. Spinks in a post-session interview.

“It’s good to hear everybody saying that they see it as a people, tools and process problem,” he added. “That’s how we see it as well. We don’t think it’s a technology problem in 2018.”

Session Highlights Videos

Building your innovation team


Impact of digital transformation


IT as a commercial differentiator


Security in the cloud


Post session interviews

Jonathan Spinks - Addressing concerns raised by the shift to cloud


Ernest Solomon - Evolving partnerships and culture


Stephanie Lane - The cultural shift to agile service model


John Comacchio - Architecting around an exit strategy


Jonathan Spinks - Observations on the Roundtable


Bobby Singh - The challenges of getting there from here


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