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Roundtable: Smart Strategies for Leveraging AI

Artificial Intelligence is on everybody’s lips these days, especially in the IT space, but like many transformative technologies, it takes time for business to catch up with the promise of great things to come. Right now, AI is still in its infancy. We know it’ll soon grow up and kick some serious business butt, but in the meantime CIOs must figure out ways of introducing it and nurturing it while delivering tangible business benefits.

In order to explore these challenges 19 IT executives from the Greater Toronto Area gathered recently for another of The IT Media Group’s Master Series Roundtables, this one entitled, “Smart Strategies for Leveraging AI”. The discussion was moderated by ITMG’s VP Executive Programs, John Pickett. Sponsor for the event was Salesforce, represented at the table by Chris Makkreel, Head of Solution Engineering. Additional insights were provided by featured guest Yuri Lawryshyn, associate professor at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship (CMTE).

It was our best event of the year. Everyone found the topic highly engaging and there was a wealth of excellent information shared by all the CIOs at the table,” said Nasheen Liu, Managing Partner & SVP, CIO Program Strategy, for The IT Media Group.

Topics discussed included:

  • Emergence of AI as a critical technology
  • Getting started with AI
  • The role of the CIO
  • Discussing AI with corporate leadership
  • Data readiness and discipline
  • Building your AI competency
  • Tracking AI success
  • AI governance
  • Building the AI team

There’s a high degree of interest in a follow-up session from the executives around the table and those who couldn’t make the event.

Session Highlights Videos

AI at the Forefront


Data readiness and AI


Role of the CIO in AI


Building your AI competency


Getting started with AI


Post session interviews

Henry Ki - AI: Recognising some of the challenges


Ted Maulucci - The softer side of talent management


Ted Maulucci - Developing partnerships with academia


Chris Makkreel - Why AI for the Enterprise and why now?


Chris Makkreel - Leveraging sources of expertise


John Comacchio - Applying AI in the real world


YYuri Lawryshyn - Making a start with AI


YYuri Lawryshyn - Getting started through a university partnership


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