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Roundtable: Data-Driven Customer Engagement (Toronto)

Though customer engagement is familiar territory for CIOs, keeping up with the fast-paced changes in that space is an ongoing challenge for them as they look to provide technology-based tools and approaches that will facilitate a well co-ordinated, end-to-end corporate effort.

To share their ideas and learnings in this important area, 16 IT executives from the Toronto area gathered on September 28, 2017 for another of The IT Media’s Group’s highly regarded Master Series Roundtables, this one entitled, “Data-Driven Customer Engagement ”.

This free-flowing discussion was moderated by ITMG’s VP Executive Programs, John Pickett. Sponsor for the event was Salesforce, represented at the table by Steve Lozinski, Head, Solution Engineering.

Topics discussed included:

  • Goal of customer engagement
  • Modes of customer engagement
  • Who’s the customer?
  • Combatting the social media threat
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • AI and the customer
  • Marketing to younger buyers
  • The CIO’s role in generating value from data
  • CIO wish list and challenges

Session Highlights Videos

IT's Role in Customer Data Integration


AI and the Customer


Evolving Modes of Digital Interaction


Goal of Customer Engagement


Post session interviews

Victor Dudemaine - The Enterprise View of Customers


Steve Lozinski - B2B Also Needs a Customer Engagement Strategy


Peter Carr - AI and the Evolution of Customer Engagement


Ernest Solomon - The Value of a Customer centric Strategy


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