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Roundtable: A Framework for Innovation (Calgary)

While the majority of CIOs polled in various studies agree that “innovation” is high on their companies’ priority list, their definition of “innovation” is highly subjective and possibly only observable through its impact and delivered value (you’ll know it when you see it?).

The majority of people interested in innovation have a sense of what it is and are more concerned about how to go about encouraging innovation, developing a sustainable approach to it, and realizing business value.

To further understand this topic and stimulate innovative thinking, The IT Media Group brought together 15 IT executives for its Master Series CIO Roundtable “A Framework for Innovation”, which took place in Calgary on June 7, 2017. Sponsor for the session was Salesforce, with Chris Makkreel, Head of Solution Engineering, adding a variety of insights to the discussion. The moderator was John Pickett, VP, Executive Programs, for the IT Media Group.

Similar to The IT Media Group's roundtable held in Toronto, participants shared a number of insights and strategies that they use to tackle their innovation mandates. The conversations delved into six key areas:

  • Formalizing innovation
  • Aligning innovation with the business
  • Building the innovation team
  • Innovation culture
  • Funding innovation
  • Generating new ideas

Session Highlights Videos

Generating New Ideas

Tapping the knowledge and experience of frontline staff to develop innovative thinking.


Creating an Innovation Culture

Innovation or continuous improvement? What matters is support from the leadership.


Post session interviews

Greg Stewart - Balancing Risk Management with Innovation Culture


Chris Makkreel - Key Takeaways from the Roundtable


Sandeep Parmar - Developing a Culture of Innovation Through Employee Engagement


Lyonel Kawa - Taking Ideas from Conception to Implementation


About CIO Master Series roundtables

The IT Media Group’s CIO Master Series is the most successful roundtable program for IT executives in Canada, bringing together scores of senior level peers for thoughtful private discussions around the top issues facing enterprise IT. Based in Toronto, The IT Media Group’s leadership team includes some of the most experienced and well respected technology, media and business professionals in the country.