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Roundtable: Business-casing in the C-suite (Toronto)

When it comes to making a compelling business case to the C-suite that supports IT’s vision for the organization, CIOs are often caught between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the C-suite’s sometimes adamantine resistance to technology-driven innovation and change, and the hard place is IT’s position outside the mainstream of the business. To be successful at this important task, CIOs must be on their game, creating the best possible argument for their case, finding allies within the business, and laying the groundwork for success within the C-suite itself.

The IT Media Group’s Master Series CIO Roundtable “Business-casing in the C-suite”, held in Toronto on May 18, 2017, explored various aspects of creating effective business cases. It was attended by 16 IT executives from a variety of businesses, including both the public and private sector. The session was sponsored by VMware, represented at the table by Sean Forkan, VMware’s new Canadian Chief, and Heman Smith, a former industry CIO and strategist of VMware’s Accelerate advisory services. Jeff Ishii, Chief Technologist of ITMG was the facilitator.

Attendees drilled into many aspects of business-casing, including:

  • Best practices to gain C-suite mindshare and sponsorship
  • Critical success factors required for a business case
  • Focusing on value to customers
  • Making a distinction between regular and leap-of-faith projects
  • Embedding technology business cases in other units
  • Understanding your own business better, and becoming more agile


Session Highlights Videos

Role of the CIO in business casing


Deciding which projects to pursue


Taking a leap of faith


Working with the business & boards


Post session interviews

Alfred Dorkalam - The Challenge of Transformational Initiatives


Sean Forkan - Vendor Accountability for Customer Outcomes


Heman Smith - Directing IT Effort to Enable Strategic Innovation


Stewart Crymble - Key Takeaways from the Roundtable


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