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Roundtable: A Framework for Innovation (Toronto)

CIOs routinely put innovation high on their list of priorities for both the company and the IT organization, but there is little consensus around a definition of innovation. It means different things to different people – CIOs especially, considering the highly diverse nature or their businesses and organizational structures.

In an effort to bring clarity to this sometimes murky area, The IT Media Group brought together 20 IT executives from the Greater Toronto Area for its Master Series CIO Roundtable “A Framework for Innovation”, which took place in Toronto on April 6, 2017. Sponsor for the session was Salesforce, with Chris Makkreel, Head of Solution Engineering, adding a variety of insights to the discussion. The moderator was John Pickett, VP, Executive Programs, for the IT Media Group.

In this private roundtable, the executives explored how digital transformation is being managed across industries. Participants shared insights about how technology is being used to drive revenue and optimize costs.

The conversation revolved around four key areas:

  • Establishing a sustainable innovation culture
  • The vital elements of a successful innovation framework
  • Key metrics and incentives to support meaningful innovation
  • Leveraging business partners, vendors and academia


Session Highlights

Barriers to innovation


Innovation and change management


Innovation and corporate culture


Post session interviews

Chris Makkreel - - Getting from idea to business solution


Mark Keating - The CIO and the innovation agenda


Peter Singh - Engaging stakeholders to drive innovation


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