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Roundtable: Winning the IT Talent Wars (Calgary)

Despite the economic downturn in the oil patch, managing talent remains very important. Furthermore, as businesses rationalize their cost structures around $50 oil, reducing budgets and innovating are also top concerns. In order to balance these priorities, IT organizations must implement ways to add business value, while managing changing skill sets, vendor relationships, and new application requirements. It is a difficult task for any business.

The IT Media Group’s CIO Master Series Roundtable, ‘Winning the IT Talent Wars’, held October 27, 2016 in Calgary, brought together IT executives from a variety of Calgary-area organizations to explore these issues and many others related to talent management.

The private session was organized by leading Canadian IT events producer The IT Media Group and moderated by its VP Executive Programs, John Pickett. Sponsor for the roundtable was Salesforce, represented at the table by Chris Makkreel, Head of Solution Engineering.

The conversations included the following topics that were top of mind for the participants:

  • Optimizing the workforce
  • Future proofing employees
  • A focus on productivity and innovation
  • IT and business working together
  • IT becoming a better business partner
  • The value of analytics
  • Employee retention is still important
  • Evolution of vendor relationships
  • Managing shadow IT
  • Application rationalization is important
  • New application requirements
  • Application development is changing
  • Managing the shift in skills
  • Encouraging women in technology
  • Millennial opportunities

Participants received a report that included these discussion points along with tactics to help resolve their key issues.

You can find out more about this engaging topic in the highlight videos below.

Session Highlights Videos

Post session interviews

Chris Makkreel - Low-code and the merging of IT and business roles


Chris Makkreel - Skills, Passion, and Innovation


Steve Biswanger - The Changing Face of IT in the Energy Sector


About CIO Master Series roundtables

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