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Roundtable: The Economics of Big Data

The volume of data captured by or available to all organizations is growing at a staggering rate. It’s coming at you faster from real-time transactions, online customer interactions and social media sources. And it’s coming in a variety of flavours from traditional to exotic.

Over the next couple of years we expect to see a widening gap in performance and competitiveness between the companies that understand Big Data and are able to exploit it and those that have yet to figure it out. Leading firms are already exploiting Big Data to predict financial and information risk, identify fraud, predict customer behaviour, identify new markets, and to drive a host of industry-specific initiatives. So how do you make the economics of Big Data work for your organization?

Roundtable participants discussed their expectations for Big Data initiatives in their organizations, challenges, opportunities, the role of IT and what they expect from vendors.

 Here is the summary report from the session:

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Session Highlights Videos

Managing Big Data

Companies are finding a variety of ways to establish ownership of Big Data initiatives, support users and drive greater usage. 


Data Retention

The growth in volume of data offers both opportunity and challenge for CIOs. Among the most vexing is what is valuable and worth keeping; some data can become a liability.


Big Data & Social Media

Social media is beginning to play a role as companies see the opportunities inherent in the content of online conversations.


What CIOs want from vendors

While vendors play an important role, some approaches work better than others when competing for the attention of busy CIOs.


Post session interviews

Getting started with Big Data


The role of IT