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The Mouse that Roared

You don’t have to be big to make a big impact. That’s a lesson worth learning for companies of all sizes – especially small ones.

It’s a lesson I’ve just learned in a very forceful way. Today our small company, The IT Media Group, joined an elite group of 12 global firms in winning the inaugural award for “The Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012”. We’re rubbing shoulders in the winners’ circle with the likes of The Walt Disney Company, CNBC, HubSpot and Adobe. Here’s the LinkedIn Award Winners announcement

When I heard the news this morning, the first words out of my mouth were something along the lines of “Holy freakin’ sh*t!!!”

I must admit that when Nasheen Liu, our VP Marketing & Vendor Relations, first caught wind of LinkedIn’s new Best Company Pages Award and said it was something we might have a shot at winning, I figured our chances were about the same as me taking home the Green Jacket at The Masters. If you have either (a) seen my golf game, or (b) heard of a guy named Tiger Woods, you will have some idea of my confidence in our ability to pull this off.

What I hadn’t reckoned on was this: we weren’t going into this competition with the, ahem, skills of Dave Carey, golfer; we were going into it with the skills of The IT Media Group, top-notch marketing firm and great LinkedIn company page producer. And though as a company we didn’t have Tiger Woodslike fame, fortune and following, we did have the determination, savvy and pluck of a lesser known, highly talented golfer, along the lines of – oh, I don’t know – say, Bubba Watson. (For non-golfers, Bubba was the winner of this year’s Masters)

Fortunately for us, Nasheen’s absolute confidence in our ability to win this carried the day. She rallied the ITMG team, spearheaded the drive to have our followers tell LinkedIn why they like our site so much, and she never stopped believing and driving the initiative forward.

Nasheen, by the way, is the biggest reason why our LinkedIn company page is so good in the first place. She tirelessly updates it, posts engaging and relevant commentary, provides links to all sorts of things our followers are interested in, uploads great photos, injects her own unique brand of humour, and the list goes on.

So thanks to all our LinkedIn followers who supported us and helped The IT Media Group make it into this very select group of award winners. And thanks to all of you who participate in our events, sponsor our undertakings, visit our web site and contribute to our ongoing success.

Finally, a special thanks to you, Nasheen, for your great ideas, your tireless work and your boundless enthusiasm. You truly are the mouse that roared.

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