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Practical tips to get marketing and sales on the same page

A few months ago, MarketingProfs featured my three time-tested tips for creating compelling content. This month, I had another opportunity to share insights with the readers of MarketingProfs. I decided to provide five practical tips about how marketing and sales could best work with one and another. The love/hate relationship between marketing and sales is an issue that persists in almost all organizations I’ve worked for. Over the years and through trial and error, I’ve mastered a few strategies that can turn this “complicated” relationship into one that is mutually beneficial.

These tips resonated with my marketing peers. Hundreds of readers took to major social media channels to share the article.

I received numerous positive comments from both my network and from complete strangers. Readers took time to point out which of the five tips struck a chord with them the most. Inspired by such overwhelming responses, I’ve summarized these five tips and posted them in SlideShare. I hope this simplified format will provide you with another sales tool in your marketing tool box. Enjoy!

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