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The Mouse that Roared

You don’t have to be big to make a big impact. That’s a lesson worth learning for companies of all sizes – especially small ones.

It’s a lesson I’ve just learned in a very forceful way. Today our small company, The IT Media Group, joined an elite group of 12 global firms in winning the inaugural award for “The Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012”. We’re rubbing shoulders in the winners’ circle with the likes of The Walt Disney Company, CNBC, HubSpot and Adobe. Here’s the LinkedIn Award Winners announcement

When I heard the news this morning, the first words out of my mouth were something along the lines of “Holy freakin’ sh*t!!!”


Face-to-face Communication – the Medium is the Message

Look at pretty well any survey of CIOs in the last few years and high on the list of ‘most important skills for a CIO’ is ‘communication’. Of course it is; not just for CIOs but for any executive.

Now communication can mean lots of things, and today it includes a whole range of media -- telephone, teleconference, e-mail, and a range of social media. They all have their place, and used properly, they can contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. But barring geographical or other logistical barriers, it often makes more sense to meet in person.


Content is not the new black

It seems to me that the word “content” is the darling of all things marketing in 2012. Content marketing is recommended as a best practice by an endless array of marketing experts and industry bloggers. Social media channels are flooded with opinions about why content is so important and how to develop a sound content marketing strategy. In particular, I noticed that my Twitter feed is abuzz with content tweets and links to a sea of articles. After spending many hours reading through these words of wisdom, I have the following advice for budding authors: When you write an article about content, please ensure you deliver good content.


If you are going to get laid off, be a Radian6er and get laid off by

Today’s breaking news: laid off fewer than 100 people from Radian6, a social media platform marketing company that they acquired a year ago. This news has generated tremendous sympathy and support from the marketing community. Comments have been circulating on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other web sites ever since Techvibes first broke it and Business Insider confirmed the details from Salesforce’s PR department. 


The art of getting better press coverage (Part 2)

Creating press releases that get noticed

In Part One of this series, I identified a few of the most common reasons that editors reject, ignore or overlook a vendor’s news and product releases. Part Two accentuates the positive. Here you’ll find some ideas for grabbing the attention of editors and getting your releases published, noticed and blogged about.


To tweet or not to tweet

This question has left me undecided over the last couple years. Having a key stake in a multi-media business, I was a little embarrassed to admit I was a Twitter virgin. My hesitation was not without good reasons. In fact, I can easily come up with a “Top 10” list to sum up my concerns of why I shouldn’t be on Twitter:


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