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ITMG releases Evolving Cybersecurity Essentials strategic insights

February 15, 2022 – The IT Media Group is pleased to announce the release of ‘Evolving Cybersecurity Essentials: A CIO Guide to Protecting the Enterprise.’ This study aims to help CIOs by providing tactics, approaches, and advice from IT executives who successfully mitigate cyber threats. Our goal is to help organizations meet the evolving cybersecurity challenges that pose considerable risks.

Rapidly changing employee and customer expectations compel organizations to accelerate digitization efforts and build hybrid work environments. Unfortunately, these shifts add complexity and expose vulnerabilities that bad actors increasingly exploit with sophisticated attacks.

The IT Media Group (ITMG) undertook this project with sponsorship from ActZero, a firm that actively partners with companies to drive security engineering, increase internal efficiencies, and build mature cybersecurity postures. This report contributes to ITMG’s mission of supporting and adding value to the IT executive community.

The IT Media Group is an award-winning producer of programs and content for senior IT executives. Our leadership team is based in Toronto and includes some of the most experienced and well-respected technology, media and business professionals serving the IT executive community.

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