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The IT Media Group announces new CIO program initiative in Toronto

Toronto - Sep 30, 2019 - Due to increased demand from our popular CIO Roundtables, and in collaboration with our cross-industry CIO Advisory Board, the IT Media Group is pleased to launch a companion program, CIO P2P Workshop Series in Toronto.

This quarterly CIO peer-to-peer workshop aims to take key topics from our CIO Roundtables and delve into tactics, use cases, and next best actions. Our goal is to continue to support the IT executive community by providing them with direct engagement opportunities on issues and topics of common interest and thereby enable them to be more successful in their careers.

Similar to a CIO Roundtable, participants at these workshops are invited by our senior partners and/or referred by our CIO Advisory Board. In addition, our Board members serve on the steering committee providing oversight for topic conceptualization and development. Each 90-min workshop is limited to 10 participants and facilitated by 1-2 CIOs from our Board to ensure a candid and productive conversation with a high degree of relevance.

There are 12 great topics on the launch pad and we’re rolling out the first six in the 2019/2020 season:

Addressing technical debt

How to renovate and evolve legacy systems to meet agile requirements and create a new foundation to enable transformation.

Small “I” innovation use cases

Strategies to encourage continuous improvement as a culture.

Addressing the impact of transformation

Looking at people, process, technology, and the role of the CIO in championing big change.

Moving beyond the cycle of centralized and de-centralized IT

How to establish CIO-as-a-governance to create a federated model while minimizing risk.

Cybersecurity and data governance for a mobile workforce

Tactics and best practices related to data mobility, digital fencing, data governance, and testing.

Becoming a digitally confident executive

The current and future state of digital transformation priorities.

We’re thrilled to announce that our inaugural workshop, Addressing Technical Debt will be hosted on Thursday, November 7th at Teknion’s state-of-art Innovation Showroom downtown Toronto overlooking the waterfront. John Comacchio, SVP & CIO of Teknion and Ernest Solomon, CIO of LawPro will co-facilitate the session. This 90-min morning workshop will focus on strategies and use cases for evolving legacy systems to meet agile requirements and create a foundation for digital transformation.

If you are a senior IT executive interested in learning more about this program and/or participating at our Nov 7th workshop, please contact Nasheen Liu, SVP, CIO Program Strategy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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