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The IT Media Group releases a new strategic insights report: Digital's Role in Reshaping Canadian Oil & Gas

Toronto – Dec 18, 2018 – The IT Media Group is pleased to announce the release of Coming of Age: Digital’s Role in Canadian Oil & Gas. This Strategic Insights Report aims to equip IT executives with tactics that help them advance their digital transformation agendas, identify barriers that need overcoming, understand how the industry is embracing new technologies, and better prepare themselves for making the case for such technologies with their executive peers.

With the new normal for oil prices seeming to be well below US$100 per barrel, companies in the oil and gas sector no longer have the luxury of simply tightening their belts in the downturns and waiting for the good times to roll. The good times may never return in quite the same way again.

But what is a commodity-based industry to do when the price of that commodity declines? The answer, in the case of oil and gas, is to wring cost out of operations, look for unexploited efficiencies and opportunities, and find new ways of doing business and producing revenue, all of which point the way to new digital technologies – technologies that are reshaping entire industries around the world.

To provide insights into this difficult problem, the IT Media Group (ITMG) undertook a research project with sponsorship from Salesforce Canada. The initiative was led by Nasheen Liu, ITMG Managing Partner and SVP, CIO Program Strategy. Primary research and content creation was completed by Dave Carey, ITMG VP Content. John Pickett, ITMG VP Executive Programs, conducted supplementary research, industry polling, and executive interviews. Content review, final edits, and report production was completed by Jeff Ishii, ITMG Chief Technologist and VP Operations.

“The study taps into the storehouse of knowledge accumulated by The IT Media Group in its seven years of hosting private CIO roundtables and conducting personal interviews with Canadian oil-and-gas sector IT executives.”, said Nasheen. “In addition, both global and Canada specific industry research was undertaken to further inform the study. Finally, ITMG polled a cross-section of Canadian oil-and-gas industry IT executives to gauge their interest in and use of many of the key technologies discussed in this report.”

This study contributes to ITMG’s mission of supporting and adding value to the CIO community in Canada. It is our goal to provide a wide range of opportunities for direct engagement between IT vendors and CIOs, enabling them to share knowledge and opinions, provide thought leadership, build relationships, and engage in a dialogue of benefit to both parties.

The IT Media Group is an award-winning producer of programs and content for senior IT executives. Based in Toronto, our leadership team includes some of the most experienced and well respected technology, media and business professionals serving the IT executive community in Canada.

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