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ITMG Dishes On Their LinkedIn Company Page Award

LinkedIn winner cupSince winning LinkedIn’s “Best Company Pages of 2012” in December 2012, The IT Media Group has been gaining new followers with curious minds from all over the world. In March, our VP of Marketing, Nasheen Liu,  was approached by LinkedIn to share her tips about what makes our page so compelling for LinkedIn users.

On April 11th, 2013, LinkedIn announced Top 10 Tips From Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012 and highlighted our internal social media strategy as a key strategy.

Here are more insights behind our Best Company Page.

1. Select the right image for the Overview page

For brand consistency, our overview page uses the same image that appears on our website home page. Rather than going with the usual stock picture, we used a photo of our own management team. We are in the business of "connecting" senior executives via meaningful content and peer-to-peer conversations, so it is important that we show what we preach visually. Our advice for selecting an image is to go with something that speaks to your brand and shows who you really are. Authenticity will make you stand out. 

2. Implement a content strategy for posting updates

LinkedIn is an important channel for us as our followers and connections are both our prospective clients (marketing executives) and partners (technology executives). Our updates must be compelling and relevant to both communities. We publish original content addressing key industry topics on a weekly basis and promote them as "Editor's Weekly" on our company page. Establishing a regular cadence for posting updates draws in loyal readership. We also curate and promote third party top-notch content from LinkedIn News, Twitter feeds and Google Alerts. We don't limit our posting to only one type of content; we feature several content types for including articles, blogs, reports, studies, infographics and videos. Our posting is not about selling our services but on providing insights and best practices.

3. Grow your follower engagements

Top company pages tips

Every time we post a new update our management team is informed and encouraged to "like" and/or "share" the update. This helps to make the content visible to their connections. We continue to cultivate new readership this way. As a result of liking our content many connections become followers. Followers share our content with their connections and we gain more fans. It is often challenging to make your post stand out in today's world of information overkill. Just having a great article and a sassy subject line doesn't automatically get you readership. Besides a compelling topic, people typically pay attention to who wrote the article and how popular it is, based on the “likes” and “comments”. In a recent article published by MarketingProfs, our VP of Marketing shared three tips with marketers for creating constantly fresh and compelling content. She believes that "Content drives traffic. Traffic creates interest. Interest breeds conversion". This has been our guiding principle for generating ongoing meaningful follower engagements on LinkedIn.

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