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The latest news about The IT Media Group. What's happening in our world: new clients, new relationships and new initiatives.

Paul Lewis, CTO of Hitachi Canada Joining The IT Media Group’s Advisory Board

Toronto -- January 25, 2016 – We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our Advisory Board, Paul Lewis, Chief Technology Officer of Hitachi Canada. As the country CTO, Paul is responsible for Technology, Architecture, Advisory and Economic practices. Additionally, Paul leads technology advocacy of the Hitachi vision and strategy, heads field enablement of Analytics for the Americas, evangelizes complex technology trends including Cloud, Mobility and Analytics across the Americas; and represents Americas in the Global Technology Office, the Hitachi LTD R&D division.

Prior to joining Hitachi, and for the past 20 years as a client, Paul has focused on technology R&D and innovation, IT/business strategic plans and governance, security and risk management, software and infrastructure architecture as the CTO and Senior Executive Technologist of several financial services organizations from start-ups to large business services providers.

Paul is a frequent speaker at technology and industry events as well as various higher educational institutions across the country on topics ranging from IT leadership to Big Data/Internet of Things. In his role of trusted advisor to the CIO community, Paul’s explicit goal is to ensure clients’ problems are solved and opportunities realized. 

“When I think about leveraging technology to fuel innovation and make a true impact on society, Hitachi is one of the few ‘biggies’ that came to mind”, said Nasheen Liu, Partner and Vice President of Strategy at the IT Media Group. “We are thrilled to have Paul join us as an advisor providing strategic guidance on issues and topics that concern the CIO and the technology vendor communities”.

“The IT Media Group has been an instrumental partner for us enabling Hitachi to connect with the technology executive community in Canada and benefit from their valuable insights. I’m looking forward to contributing my knowledge and ideas to help further the collaboration between technology and business communities”, said Lewis. 


Toronto CIOs & CISOs Brainstorming Data & Application Security

On March 30, 2016, selected CIOs and CISOs from the GTA area will share concerns, ideas and successes around various aspects of data and application security at the IT Media Group's private roundtable - “Securing Data & Applications in a Digital Enterprise”. 

Attempts to obtain unauthorized access to corporate data and applications are growing at an alarming rate. Threats can originate from both outside and inside the organization.

At the same time, customers, regulators, and stakeholders expect that personally identifiable information (PII) is safe and secure. This is made more difficult as IT integrates their systems with outside suppliers and employees access these systems remotely using their own devices.

This roundtable will cover topics such as security through the lens of your customers, critical data management issues, protecting data sovereignty in the Cloud, best practices for securing applications, and what to expect from your security technology providers.   

Sponsor for the event is Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).  Interested IT and security executives can use this link to access our brief VIP registration form.


Montreal IT Execs Will Explore Cloud Security

On December 10, 2015, CIOs and CISOs from the Montreal area will exchange knowledge and insights around various aspects of Cloud security at a private roundtable produced by leading Canadian IT executive event firm, The IT Media Group.

“Securing Information in the Cloud” looks at the challenges CIOs and security professionals are facing with Cloud, and delves into strategies for ensuring the integrity, accessibility, security and manageability of data in a hybrid environment. Sponsor for the event is Salesforce.

The discussion will include an examination of the risks of Cloud computing and will drill down into issues such as privacy and regulatory compliance, user authentication, data classification and governance, and business continuity and data recovery.

Interested IT and security executives can use this link to access our brief VIP registration form.


IT Execs Tackle Cloud Integration Issues

The IT Media Group brought together 17 Toronto-area IT executives on October 8 for another of its popular CIO Master Series Roundtables. The topic for the lively and insightful discussion was “Tackling the Tough Cloud Integration Issues”.

The roundtable looked at challenges CIOs are facing with Cloud integration, and strategies for ensuring the integrity, accessibility, security and manageability of data in a hybrid environment.

Participants represented various industry sectors, including financial services, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, legal, transportation and education. The sponsor for this private, invitation-only breakfast session was Salesforce, represented at the table by Chris Makkreel, Head of Solution Engineering. The IT Media Group’s John Pickett, VP of Executive Programs, facilitated the discussion.


Toronto CIOs Delve into Cloud Integration

On October 8, 2015, IT executives from the Greater Toronto Area will gather for the second part of a multi-part roundtable series on Cloud computing.

Produced by leading Canadian IT executive event firm, The IT Media Group, “Tackling the Tough Cloud Integration Issues” puts the spotlight on managing complex hybrid environments in a manner that ensures the integrity, accessibility, security and manageability of data. Sponsor for the event is Salesforce.

This invitation-only roundtable will allow participants to exchange views on the Cloud integration issues of most concern to them. Interested IT executives can use this link to access our brief VIP registration form.


Montreal CIOs to share insights on managing & exploiting data

IT executives in the Montreal area will gather on October 30 for the latest CIO Master Series Roundtable, The CIO in a Data-driven World. Produced by leading Canadian IT executive event firm, The IT Media Group, the session will be sponsored by Hitachi Data Systems Canada.

IT executive attendees will look at the latest techniques and technologies for managing and exploiting the rapidly expanding amounts or data coming into the organization. The session is open to senior IT executives by invitation only. To request an invitation, please complete the VIP membership form on our Events page, where you will also find a scrolling list of past attendees.


Let the Cloud Follow Business Decisions

On June 4th, the IT Media Group hosted one of its popular CIO Master Series Roundtables in Toronto, this time focusing on the use of Cloud as a vital part of IT strategy. “Crunch Time for CIOs” looked at how Cloud is changing the IT game and what CIOs need to be doing to ensure their organizations take full advantage of it.

Fifteen CIOs representing telecommunications, energy, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology, government and education participated with a high degree of enthusiasm and candour. The sponsor for this private, invitation-only breakfast session was Salesforce.


Shadow IT - a New Normal for the CIO

On Thursday, May 28th, the IT Media Group returned to Calgary with another popular CIO Masters Series Roundtable. The topic of "The CIO in a Data-driven World" garnered the interest of 19 senior IT executives representing telecommunications, energy, utilities, financial services, retail, manufacturing, transportation, technology, and education.

John Pickett, VP, Executive Programs of the IT Media Group kicked-off the conversation with a relevant and pressing question about the local economy and its impact on IT.


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