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The IT Media Group’s mission is to support and add value to the CIO community while providing a wide range of opportunities for direct engagement between IT vendors and CIOs, enabling them to share knowledge and opinions, provide thought leadership, build relationships, and engage in a dialogue of benefit to both parties.

As IT becomes fully integrated into business strategy and operations, so the constellation of purchasing influencers broadens and the challenge for vendors becomes more complex. The central figure in the buying constellation is often the CIO. With an expanding mandate, CIOs are among today’s busiest executives. Their time is precious and guarded, making it difficult for vendors to get their voice heard above the many others clamouring for the CIO’s attention.

CIOs value the knowledge, thought leadership and support that vendors can provide but they often deny access to them because of severe time constraints and a perceived lack of value from typical sales calls. What’s needed by both parties are opportunities for connection and dialogue that come with the promise of true value for time invested.

One of our key objectives is to provide compelling opportunities for engagement between CIOs and vendors, delivering on the value-for-time promise. By respecting the CIO’s time and providing good business value, we are able to keep their doors open, enabling our vendor clients to build new CIO relationships and re-energize old ones.