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Calendar page2017 CIO Roundtable Series

Topics are developed with the guidance of the CIO community. Our popular CIO roundtables are available for single sponsorship on a first come first served basis.

These events are by invitation only and are no-charge for qualified attendees. IT executives who wish to be included in our VIP invitation list may complete the request form on the right or by contacting ITMG directly.


(Toronto – April 6, 2017)

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 A Framework for Innovation

A key benefit of Digital Transformation is the ability to innovate. Ironically, one of the key roadblocks to executing a Digital Transformation strategy is the inability to innovate. CIOs must turn their organizations into the innovation engine for their company or risk being displaced by more nimble competitors. This roundtable will delve into tactics and frameworks being used by organizations to create and sustain innovation. 


(Toronto – May 18, 2017)

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Business-casing to the C-suite

CIOs are under direction to optimize their IT budgets, while at the same time, there is significant pressure for IT to innovate and invest in Digital Transformation. These seemingly conflicting priorities require CIOs who can keep the lights on, while securing enough funding for their strategic initiatives. This interactive roundtable will explore various examples of how CIOs are identifying, marketing, and selling their ideas to the C-suite.


(Calgary – June 7, 2017)

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CIO Essentials for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation supports the technology innovation agenda of a company’s business strategy. CIOs need to understand the benefits that can be realized for their industry and communicate those benefits effectively to their business partners. This roundtable will explore how digital transformation is being used to drive revenue and optimize costs.


 CIO Soft-Skill Development*

In order to properly prepare for the next big thing, CIOs need to be equipped with the skills necessary to successfully ready their organizations for change. This roundtable will delve into the soft-skills necessary to build teams, communicate with boards, and transform the business.


Big Data and Machine Learning *

The ability to take advantage of Big Data is considered a game-changer for most organizations. CIOs have been working to define IT’s role and responsibilities around it. In 2017, machine learning becomes an add-on capability that leverages an organization's data to produce even more value. This roundtable will identify how organizations are exploiting and driving value from Big Data and Machine Learning.


IoT Security*

Very soon, more than 20 billion devices will be connected to the internet. At the same time, 200,000 new products and services will be introduced to take advantage of those devices. The proliferation of device types and data volume growth has created significant security challenges for CIOs. This roundtable will discuss tactics being used by organizations to secure their environments, while at the same time deploying new products and services that will keep them competitive.

*Sponsorship note:

Vendors wishing to sponsor an event may modify one of the listed topics or may nominate a different topic, provided that topic is of current interest and value to the executive community.

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