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Calendar page2018 CIO Roundtable Series

Topics are developed with the guidance of our Advisory Board and the CIO community. Our popular CIO roundtables are available for sponsorship on a first come first served basis.

These events are by invitation only and are complimentary for qualified participants. IT executives who wish to be included in our VIP invitation list may complete the request form on the right or by contacting ITMG directly.

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CIO Essentials for Innovation and Creativity

Innovation remains a high priority for CIOs. The creation of an environment and culture that nurtures creativity is essential to keeping technology relevant to the business. CIOs will discuss ideas to inspire change, promote creativity and collaboration and be a champion of innovation at the executive table.

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Digital Transformation: Designing for Change

Businesses have been applying digital technologies for many years, but the current focus on Digital Transformation recognises a fundamental change in the way we approach business and technology. During this session, we will identify key strategies for moving to an optimized style of computing, including application design, management, and governance.

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Digital Transformation 2.0: Monetizing Your Digital Strategy

A recent Gartner survey of 3,160 CIOs indicated that top performers generate more digital revenue and have more digital processes than their peers. This finding highlights the need for innovation to result in a downstream financial return. During this session, we will identify the key strategies that are used to monetize digital investments and tactics to develop greater digital business maturity.


Evolving CIO Strategic Priorities

The roundtable will focus on the current priorities that are top of mind for CIOs. It allows CIOs to baseline their initiatives with their peers and to validate issues and successes across industries. A balance of technology, processes, business, and people topics will be covered.


Important Impacts of Technology to Your Business 

This session delves into the business and sociological impacts of technology. The acceleration of digital transformation technologies requires that CIOs understand how they will influence their end-customers. CIOs must be able to anticipate and then plan for significant changes to their business and organizations.


Smart Tactics to Build and Grow Your Digital Team

Digital transformation is an imperative for businesses to grow and survive. The rapid evolution of data, artificial intelligence, and IoT technologies has meant that CIOs must create a team of business savvy technologists to take advantage of the newest trends in digitization. This is no easy feat in a highly volatile market, where competitors and new entrants can easily disrupt your business.


Vital Strategies to Realize the Promise of AI

In 2017, the hype for AI reached epic proportions. Vendors and service providers rushed to deploy AI products and services, while the industry struggled to make sense of what was real and what was hype. This follow-up roundtable will explore how organizations have grown their AI capability and how businesses are generating real benefits by leveraging AI.

*Sponsorship note:

Vendors wishing to sponsor an event may modify one of the listed topics or may nominate a different topic, provided that topic is of current interest and value to the executive community.

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